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I started playing guitar when I was thirteen years old.
In the years of school I played acoustic and electric
guitar in a band.

During the years of college, I studied classical guitar,
renassaince lute and composition.
In the year 198
7 I discovered the world of midi and
got my first sequencer and keyboard, followed by a
lot of sound modules and computers.

In the the early nineties I used to send demo tapes
to a lot of publishers, until I've been signed up by
an electronic/ambient music label.
During the nineties that kind of
new age/ambient/electronic music was very
popular and 65 of my pieces were published in
40 compilations ( thousands of copies sold
all over the world).

In the year 1998 the same label published two
monographic CD's containing 18 pieces of mine.
A lot of the pieces I did in those years were and
are currently used in TV and multimedia as well.

Since the year 2000, besides my ambient/electronic
music, I produce symphonic orchestral and
electro/acoustic guitar based pieces for several
international music libraries, for film, TV and multimedia.